Unique Sasak Village Lombok You Should Visit

Sasak Village Lombok is traditional village in Lombok Island. This traditional village is located in the center of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It takes about 1 hour from Mataram city and half an hour from the new airport of Lombok. To find the village is not too hard because it’s locaed on the edge of the road Praia – cotta. If you travel to sasak village, you will see people who are still primitive in their lifestyle will, with full of culture and tradition and beautiful island surrounding areas with amazing clean white sandy beaches along the coast.

In Sasak vilagge there is Sasak tribe who is a society that lives in Lombok Island in West Nusa. This community is the biggest tribe in that province, located between Bali and West Nusa. Survey showed that the Sasak people who lived in Lombok, about 3 million people. Traditions, worship, customs and ordinances related to things in life, building homes and Sasak tribe very specific in their everyday life.

Sasak Village Lombok has building that is still traditional. In Sasak village you will see every building that made of wood and bamboo and thatched roof. Rice Barn is also typical building that we could see in some of houses. Uniqueness Sasak tribe is to build floor of the house with a combination of soil with cow dung. They do not use raw materials to the cement floor of their house because of the tradition to use buffalo dung.

Men of sasak village in general work in farming and agriculture, however because that village has been made as a tourist village, some of them became a tour guide for their village. Sade village is also famous for fabric and hand craft that made by women in this village.  It is attractive things that demand a lot of local and foreign tourists. Almost each house in Sasak village sells souvenirs, such as bracelets, necklaces, key chains and more. Sasak’ women weaving is one of interesting thing in that village. Since adolescents are taught to weave prevailed by the parents, it’s a cultural renewal so that in the future ikat prevailed not extinct eroded by time.

In Sasak Village Lombok you can find Cidomo. Cidomo is the name of the traditional public transport in Lombok. Cidomo controlled by the driver and pulled with the horse which is equipped with various accessories, include of horse mask or goggles, tail rope, chest straps, whips, chains. So far it has been the use of traditional tools by local governments object and attracts tourists, holding a traditional race Cidomo.

In sasak village you also will find beautiful Kuta Beach with its beautiful white sand. It is an ideal place to wander a large number of shells, coral and other marine life. You wouldn’t feel regret to visit sasak villages. Sasak village has unique culture and beautiful views that can attract you. Therefore if you visit lombok, don’t forgwt to visit Sasak village. That is all about Sasak Village Lombok

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