To Enjoy Beautiful Views in Tanjung Bloam Lombok

Tanjung Bloam Lombok – Are you feel boring to visit common beach and landscapes that you ever seen before? So, explore South Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and find some beautiful hidden place. One of many beaches that still look natural is Tanjung Bloam that is compatible between Kaliantan beach and Tanjung Ringgit. Tanjung is Bloam turtle dwells conservation areas across the cliffs and along the coastline, which stretches from the northern tip to the southern tip. In addition, this place has natural beauty due to this place is rarely visited by many tourists. When visiting tanjung Bloam you will be treated with beautiful white sand. Blue Sea in tanjung Bloam also is very clear. Sometimes you will see fishermen who are looking fish by using boat that is made of wooden on the beach.

The great thing about Tanjung Bloam Lombok is the beauty of the rocks that is amazing. There are two limestone cliffs surrounding the coast of exotic tanjung Bloam. On the left, there is cliff that has shape similar with muffin cake. While on the right side, there is irregularly a cliffs highlight towards the beach. Yellowish color of the abyss along with the black color makes it look very contradictory with sea water that has blue color. For hobbyist of portray, Tanjung Bloam Lombok is place not to be missed. Walk around the beach with occasional winds hit the coast, point the camera to find the beautiful angle corner. The natural views of the beach and the nature around it is more obvious if we go to the hill. The views of Tanjung Bloam are almost similar with Tanjung Ringgit that is also surrounded by beautiful rocks. From this angle, you can see a wide expanse of beach clearly. Take pictures with a backdrop of tanjung Bloam will certainly become unforgettable memories in your live.

In contrast with Gili Sunut that has small waves, the waves in Tanjung Bloam Lombok are big enough, so you must be careful. If you do not want to move, it is best to relax on the beach while watching the beautiful scenery. To reach this place, you would spend at least two hours from Mataram. Well, before Tanjung Ringgit, turn right. There is a small road that only can be passed by one car. About 500 m from the corner you will find small marquee sign that we’ve got to Tanjung Bloam. Some roads are not paved and dusty, makes Tanjung Bloam look far. However, be careful due to the way is less good. During your journey, you will be treated with barren landscape in this region. Unlike other parts of Lombok and the abundance of water, the road to Tanjung Bloam is dry and barren.  Due to the facilities and infrastructure Tanjung Bloam is still primitive, it is recommended for you to stay in all parts of Mataram, such as the Grand Hotel LEGI, Griya modern Hotel and Badari Hotel. That is all about Tanjung Bloam Lombok

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