To Enjoy Sunset in Malimbu Hill, Lombok

Malimbu Hill in Lombok – If you visit Lombok Island, there are plenty of places to enjoy the view of the sunset. However, Malimbu hill is final choice to enjoy the view of the sunset in the island of Lombok, because this place will give you a special scene, which will not find anywhere else. Malimbu hill is the best place to enjoy the sunset in Lombok Island. Malimbu hill is located approximately 24 kilometers from the center of Mataram, or nearly 10 kilometers to the north of Senggigi Beach. The road to get to the hill is very difficult so you will spend 45 minutes to go there by car.

The views of sunset Malimbu would be more perfect when the sky is in sunny conditions. In such circumstances, you will not only be presented with a beautiful view of the sunset but also you get to see two of the most famous bridges, namely Gili Air and Gili Meno from a distance, with the backdrop of the sunset. You can also see Mount Agung in the distance. Perfect scene is what makes Mount Malimbu as the best place to enjoy the sunset in Lombok Island. Malimbu Hill in Lombok is also often used to assemble a variety of communities, such as bicycle community. For them, there is nothing more beautiful than to enjoy the sunset at Malimbu hill after conquering cycling challenge. Similarly for motorcyclist’s bike tour, the hill became a place to rest before continuing their journey.

When you visit Malimbu Hill in Lombok you can choose two points, in the east or the west side of the highway. On the west side of the road, you will find rest area along the 150 meters. You will enjoy the view of the sunset from the top up to 25 meters. But do not worry, because there is a strong handrail to some extent on the edge. The cliffs are filled with shrubs, and you’ll see a lot of monkeys who are looking for the attention of visitors. At the south usually is used as park area. At the same time you can also enjoy views of the sunset on the east side. The east side is located 6 meters above the highway. At the top of this place, you will find Berugak (balcony) is about 6 × 4 meters. To reach this place, you can get past the stairs.

If you arrive at Malimbu hill very early, you can wait for the sunset while enjoying some food and drinks sold by locals such as meat, corn, snacks, salad, and a variety of drinks. You can also buy souvenirs such as pearl jewelry, T-shirts, and so on.

Malimbu Hill in Lombok is a great place to end your day that full of adventure. After a day of exploring Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, enjoys views of the sunset at Malimbu hill is very ideal thing. If you want to visit those third place form Mataram, you will pass this hill. It is recommended to manage your time so that you can arrive at 4 or 5 pm, and enjoy the sunset at Malimbu hill. That is all about Malimbu Hill in Lombok

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