To Visit Sukarara Village Lombok

Sukarara Village Lombok – Lombok Island is one of the Islands, which has a wealth of natural beauty, cultural arts, diverse attractions and traditional crafts that are very interesting. One of traditional craft in Lombok is songket or weaving. Sukarara Village is the name of small village in Lombok Island, which is one of center location of the traditional craft of weaving in Nusa Tenggara Barat Sukarara Jonggat Central Lombok. Sukarara village location is 25 km from Mataram city, and 5 km from the city of Praia or 5 minutes travel by taxi or car. Almost all of women in Sukarara village work as Weaver.

To keep and preserve the cultural and traditional weaving in the Sukarara Village Lombok so that women are needed to learn how to weave, even from early childhood from their parents. They have taught their skill to their children to weave with the initial motives or very simple motive so their children can understand it more easily and the children know how to weave properly in a good way later.  They usullay do weave on the front porch, and they still do this habit in this day. It is the scene that you will find almost every house in the village of Sukara along the way you pass.

 Songket or woven fabric from Sukarara Village Lombok has its features with different shapes or designs with other songket in other country. A masterpiece of woven fabrics has been produced exclusively by skilled hands of women in Sukarara village. With specific characteristics of traditional design depicting life in ancient island of Lombok with traditional house motif and barn motif Gecko, still retains to this day. Although they only use traditional looms that are very simple but the fabric in Sukarara Village Lombok have excellent quality and very impressive.

Sukarara village textile design is very oneness recognized while seen from the application of color combination with traditional patterns of eastern land of Lombok island. Raw materials that they use are silk, cotton, silver silk thread and gold silk. For the dye women in Sukarara village use natural dyes such as mahogany to get reddish brown color, brown acid from the seeds, light brown color from teak trunk, and dark browns stems of banana root, and purple color is made of the skin of the mangosteen and wine soil. It makes songket or woven fabric in Sukarara is famous for its distinctive bright plaid songket. Sukarara village is already known widely by foreign tourists as weaving village.  As you may know that the work of weaving in Sukarara village simply uses a very simple traditional loom, the price of songket or woven fabric is depending on the difficulty of deciding the motive and the time. This is what makes the traditional woven fabrics price of Sukarara village is very expensive. However, when you travel to Lombok, don’t forget to visit Sukarara Village Lombok. It is better if you think to buy woven fabrics or songket because of its beautifulness and high quality.

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