The Unique Views of Nambung beach Lombok

Lombok Island have lot of natural beauty, one of it is Nambung beach Lombok. Nambung beach is located in the southern part of Lombok. To visit this place,you need 3 hours drive from Matram to the Sekotong area. Beach Nambung is very enchanting beach with salt waterfall. It is one of popular destinations in Lombok with white sandy beaches and crystal clean water. Nambung beach is situated in southern part of the island of Lombok, obstacles with the Indian Ocean. Then, this is the reason why some point in that locations more priority as surfing area. So, it is less safe for swimming or diving with family and children. It is interesting place that make it as great place to hunt beautiful pictures. Nambung beach in Lombok is included rare tourist destination. As Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations today, Lombok offer us many beautiful beaches. However, not only beautiful, some beach in Lombok listed on the rare, including Nambung Beach.

Nambung beach Lombok is a beach that has salt waterfall on a high cliff. So, there are waterfall and waves reaching high cliffs, it is very beautiful. Nambung may be one of the most popular destinations, which began to receive foreign tourists. In addition, according to some people who have visited it, the beauty of Nambung Beach will make tourists want to stay for a long time. Big waves that followed the fall of sea water on the rocks and cliffs offering spectacular waterfall. The water of Nambung beach in Lombok is turquoise and clear. The sand is also very clean at all so you will not find any trash there. In fact, there is no smell of salt in the Nambung Beach, only cool atmosphere. Therefore, a sense of cold more and more complete with the beauty of Lombok Island.

The wonders of waterfall in Nambung beach Lombok is originally derived from the strong waves crashing and passed the stone, so the water hits the rocks appear to be a waterfall base. We just need to be patient to wait for tough waves. When waiting for the waves to come we can also see immediately sealed lined up along the coast, because the coast of Nambung beach in Lombok also be cultivation of seaweed as the livelihoods of local communities besides fishing.

Nambung beach Lombok cannot be separated from its beauty, because behind the rock wall there will be a natural pool in the middle rows of the rock, where salty waterfalls are situated. Beautiful view of the waterfall is always waited by tourist that love nature views in exotic place. The beautiful views in Nambung beach also are discussed widely in cyberspace. It is the reason why many people are curious and want to see this place. Although you must take the terrain is very heavy, but your tiredness would pay off with charming landscapes of Nambung beach. However, Nambung beach waterfall became one of the most popular destinations of Lombok, which began topless by foreign and domestic tourists. So, if you’re going to go to Lombok, do not forget to take a moment to enjoy the sense of a waterfall in Nambung beach Lombok.

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