Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo You Can Enjoy

Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo – Mount Bromo, is popular tourist destinations among both local and foreigners in East Java. Mount Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia (it was another explosion in January 2011), and also one of the most visited sites in East Java, Indonesia. Volcano is considered sacred and is called Brahma, the Hindu God the Creator. Morning is the best time to be there and then to see the light of sunrise and dramatic spread of Mount Bromo volcano. Mount bromo offer great point from night until sunrise. There are two places to see sunrise that is Cemoro lawang and Mount Panajakan. To see the sunrise you can go to the Cemoro Lawang (outer side of Mount Bromo area). The view from the Cemoro Lawang, a town access on the edge of the caldera is already quite something, but from the standpoint of the top Pananjakan Mountain, even more exciting. Mount Pananjakan is the most popular position where we can see the view of the sunrise.


However, in Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo, it is better to see it from Mount Penanjakan, you must start your travel at 3:00. Don’t forget to put your jackets, winter hats and shoes because then temperatures might less than 10 degrees Celsius there. Do not waste more time, seat n your jeep to Mount Penanjakan. It takes about half an hour to get to the parking area at Mount Penanjakan and then walk for 10-15 minutes to the summit of Mount Penanjakan. When you walk in mountain Penanjakan and up to the top of Mount Bromo you have passed 2.3 km long journey. There are horses available for rent, if you don’t want to walk. In Mount Penanjakan, the panoramic view of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, is very wonderful! With the number of people increased over hours, and with the locals and tourists alike smoking while waiting, it might not be the best moments of sunrise, but all is forgotten when the light hits the volcano! Especially if there is no cloud so that scene is very clear and the sun of course can be seen clearly. Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo is amazing thing that you will always remember in your life.

Since Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations, some people even use the camera flash, because they want take some pictures of the mountain and it might be very annoying. But then when the sun shines, it pays everything off. You also can capture the moment by using your camera digital. Because it is moment than you can’t see every day, it is great thing to capture the moment. However, when you visit mount bromo, don’t forget to bring jacket with gloves due the temperature is cold at there. But if you don’t bring jacket, you can hire a jacket for about rupiah and buy gloves for about rupees. That is all about Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo.

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