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This scenic wonderland is beautifully tranquil and culturally diverse. Each portion of the island plays it's own unique part to the overall experience in this diverse land.  Mount Bromo itself is fantastic- and so geologically unstable that sometimes the tour isn't even available because of the volcanoes that erupt and belt out smoke, steam, ash and stone. You really have to plan out a Bromo Tours- that's why you go with these types of east java tours- we bring you the absolute best experience you can get without spending a lot of money. You have to know when the volcanoes are set to erupt, and you also have to have the right licenses. We can get access to Cemoro Lawang from Tosari and Ngadas, and these villages are entire excursions within themselves, brimming with culture.

We can also try the real adventure through Semeru trekking program.  East Java itself is dominated by rugged volcanic peaks that make up the most beautiful images that you see portraying the landscape of Indonesia. The north and south costs are some of the most beautiful beaches with amazingly fine sand and spectacular fishing opportunities as well as sparse populations that really let you enjoy yourself. If you travel off the beaten path you'll find some of the most beautiful landscapes and people that you've ever seen.

The Ijen trekking experience is one of a kind from the easter tip of Java- where a 134 km crater has formed and life has sprouted- 3,332 meters above sea level in the fertile volcanic soils. There's dazzling turquoise lakes, and sulfur deposits and exciting trekking in an amazing environment on your way between Java and Bali. Exploring this area of Indonesia is certainly something that you'll remember for the rest of your life, and only Lombok Reisen brings you the experience of a lifetime without all the added costs that make your experience less worthwhile. We know how to have an amazing adventure you'll never forget- let us show you exactly what Java has to offer on your next Indonesian Vacation

Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo You Can Enjoy

Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo – Mount Bromo, is popular tourist destinations among both local and foreigners in East Java. Mount Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia (it was another explosion…

Amazing Mount Semeru Tourism You Can Enjoy

Mount Semeru Tourism situated in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. With an area of 50.273 hectares, the park is also the location of the other mountains like Mount Bromo and Mount Widodaren. But among this…

5 Must Do Activities in Mount Bromo

Must Do Activities in Mount Bromo – There are only a few areas in Indonesia’s Java, which remain untouched and pure. Mount Bromo, located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, is definitely one of those…

What You Can Enjoy In Semeru Mount

What You Can Enjoy In Semeru Mount – Mount Semeru is an active volcano situated in East Java, Indonesia which very fit for the tour of volcano trekking. The name of Semeru is derived from…

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Note: This trip is not recommended for Pregnant Women, People with Heart or Back problems, and other physical impediments.

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