To Visit Kuta Beach in Lombok Island

Kuta Beach in Lombok Island is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Lombok Kuta Beach is a city and a major tourist center on the southern coast of Lombok, which attracts visitors to the beautiful pristine beaches and surf sites.  Kuta Beach (sometimes spelled Kute Beach) has amazing white sand and clear blue sea with steep hills rising around it. It is a coastal area that is safe for bathing and swimming. You can also enjoy a number of recreational sports such as bananas Boat, glider, surf or Jetsky. Moreover, in this beach there is a row of beautiful hill jutting into the sea. A combination of hills, sea and sand grains are unique. The beach makes it more attractive to tourists. There is also an annual festival in Kuta Lombok that held on February called nyale festivals. This festival is unique, so you should join in that festival.

Kuta-Beach-TurisKuta Beach in Lombok Island is also popular as place for surfing. All Surfers in the world see Kuta beach as surfer paradise. Kuta Lombok has earned an international reputation as the best surfing destinations in Southeast Asia. The water arround Lombok meet the Indian Ocean and create the formation of large swells and surf breaks. Many visitors return to surf the famous waves in Kuta for the best surf area in Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan and near the beach. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner you would get the best place to surf. You would need accommodation to the waves from Kuta, and most guests choose to hire a motorcycle comes with an attached rack.

To go to Kuta Beach in Lombok Island only need 15 minutes from International Lombok Airport. During the journey, you will see attractive tour of rural villages and small farming communities. Tobacco, corn and peanut field’s line on the side of the road and farmers plow the fields using antique painted a huge buffalo. Before arriving in Kuta Lombok Beach, the road passes through two traditional Sasak village and Rambitan.

There are various accommodation available in Kuta Beach, from home stay for backpacker until luxury hotels such as the Novotel hotel and bungalow of Bumbangku in south of Kuta Beach. The hotel for back papers in Kuta Lombok including Surfer Inn, Puri Rinjani, Boutique Resort Tastura, Segara Anak and Kuta Indah. The restaurant is also easy to find on Kuta Beach in Lombok Island, most of the hotels and home stay in Kuta Lombok full with restaurants serving both Indonesian and Western food. The heaven in Kuta Lombok include of Mawun, Tanjung Aan, Gerupuk Selong Belanak, MAWI, and Bumbang.

The environment of Kuta beach is very nice. You can’t miss it if you visit Lombok Island. However, if this is your first visit on Kuta beach, you should be careful with souvenir sellers around, because they are more enthusiastic rather than other seller on the beach in general. That is all about Kuta Beach in Lombok Island

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