Unique Meru Temple, Lombok

Meru Temple holds the title of largest temple in Lombok. It has good architecture that is unique. According to history, meru temple was built in the 18th century from 33 villages in Lombok. Although the vast majority of people in Lombok are Muslims, however you could still find any old Javanese Hindu heritage and is located on the main street in the town of Cakranegara, near of Mayura Park. You can recognize this temple easily. From the major road, you will find three Meru which have leveled roof.

Meru Temple is the most famous and biggest fear for Hindus in Lombok. The Meru temple was built in 1720 by Anak Agung Karangasem. This temple was built to unite several small castle used to negotiate and place to give a statement to the criminals. Nowdays, the temple is not just to be the sacred place for Hindus, but also the most famous places in Lombok. Just like another temple, the temple is divisible into 3 main yards that are Nista, Madya Mandala and Utama Mandala. 2 yards were built to support for the temple existence. Each yard is divided by a brick wall which has two doors that are made of wood with Bali carving.

From three yards of the temple, the holiest temple is Utama mandala. It is the part in which Hindus pray. Inside, you’ll find 33 white sanggah. It is a symbol of the 33 villages that help Anak Agung Karangasem in building the villages. You could also see three merus rise. If you look carefully, you would see one Meru has eleven stories and two Miro with nine stories. Meru Temple symbolizes the major gods in the Hindu religion: god of Brahma (the creator), god of Wisnu (server), and god of siwa (Fuser). Not only that, they can also find sekepat (kiosks type with four columns) are commonly used as Ida Pedande for the presidency of the party. In the front of Sekepat, you will see sake ulu (balcony with eight columns) were used as offerings ritual and banten place in each religious occasion. In the middle of Madya Mandala, you will find a two-story balcony. It uses for negotiation. At the front of the structure, Nista mandala, you will see a yard without a gazebo that is the place for ceremony; it was used as a place of entertainment, such as traditional dancing.

If you like the architecture of the temples and feel the religious environment of the temple, you could still travel to the souvenir shops in Cakranegara market. It is located near of Meru Temple area. On the other hand, if you are interested in a peaceful place, you can plan your relaxing time in Mayura Park. You only have to cross the road in front of the temple; you are in Mayura Miro Park. You can reach Meru Temple from Mataram with ease. You can use a private car, motorbike or public transport. If you choose public transport, you can take the pubic car. That is all about Meru Temple.

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