Amazing Lombok Attractions You Can Find

Lombok Attractions – There is plenty to see, do, and discover and experience in Lombok! Lombok stretches 90km from north to south and 80 km from east to west. It make proud untouched, a large volcano, pristine beaches, Gunung Rinjani, and a wide variety of different landscapes and sceneries. Why do not take your time to explore Lombok Attractions and enjoy it. You can find everything here in Lombok, Indonesia!

1. Beach

The entire island is surrounded by a wonderful beach, which is filled largely with pure white sand and palm trees. Enjoy the deserted beach with snorkeling and swimming. Southwest coast also has beach that is fine, especially around Sekotong and Taun. Visit the small island of Gili Nanggu to get rustic accommodation and great snorkeling. The beautiful beaches Near the Kuta also spectacular. Visit Mawun, Selong Belanak for wonderful scene, Kuta for long periods of water, white sand and turquoise, or swimming in a lake of Mawi.

2. Lombok Diving

With so many beaches and islets, Lombok offers diving and snorkeling opportunities. The most famous location is around the Gili islands such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Air Gili Meno. You can do snorkel easily from the beach. There are three islands that serve professionals operator dive, which offers a full certificate of PADI course, day and night diving to many locations. There is a wonderful diving around the islands off the southern coast Western and uninhabited small islands off the east coast.

3. Lombok Surfing

Lombok has become popular among amateur surfing. Big wave is one of Lombok Attractions that will challenge every people there. Kuta on the southern coast is the center of surfing. It serves variety of accommodation and food services specifically for surfers. Lombok also provide full surfing pakcages, such as renting long boards, surfboards and short boards of any kind. Waves on Gerupuk, Kuta Lombok and the south coast also offer great waves for beginners and professional surfer.

4. Lombok Trekking

This Island is still covered by beautiful rain forests, make it as ideal Lombok Attractions for eco-tourism and adventure tourism. There are a number of magnificent waterfalls on the island that offers beautiful climbing opportunities, whether traveling independently or as part of a tour. Sindang Gayle on the slopes of Mount Rinjani in the north is easily accessible waterfalls in a stunning forest that is popular among visitors. Air Jeruk Manis, near Titi Batu can be reached by walking through the beautiful rice fields and forests. The gorgeous Stokel and benang kelambu waterfalls are located in a short drive and make a full day trip for those who appreciate the natural surroundings that are truly magical.

5. Climbing in Lombok

Mount Rinjani, the famous volcano in Lombok, the second highest volcano in Indonesia, attracts thousands of trekkers and climbers annually. A large hole near the top has a beautiful lake that is called Lake Segara Anak. There are a number of small caves, waterfalls and hot springs are located around the volcano. Lombok Outdoor is one of the best tracks on the island with professional services and best trekking equipment. You will never to visit Lombok as the place offer many amazing Lombok Attractions for visitors.

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