5 Natural and Best Beaches in Lombok to Visit

5 Best Beaches in Lombok – Lombok is one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia. Maybe you should start thinking about Lombok as a tourist destination distinct side in Bali. There are many of the island’s beaches, which was not able to visit every once in a day. Here are top 5 Best Beaches in Lombok you should visit. All of them are beaches nearly perfect that most tourists are looking for.

1. Tangsi Beach


If you get bored with the white sands of the beach, you have to visit Tangsi beach that has pink sand. In fact, this is the only beach in the Lombok Island with pink sand. This beach community known as Tangsi, so it is common if they are referred to the coast Tangsi Beach. This beach is amazing and also quiet. Tangsi beach is quite far from the main city of Lombok, Mataram. From there you have to pay about 3 hours before actually arriving in Tangsi. Although it is quite far away, you have to visit this beautiful place.

2. Selong Belanak beach


If you are boring of crowded beaches such as Kuta Beach in Bali and you want to enjoy your time to learn to surf. Well, Selong Belanak Beach is perfect place for you. The beach is quieter than Kuta Beach in Bali, but it also has good waves to learn to surf. Selong Belanak beach is located in the southern part of the island of Lombok. You can stay in Mataram or Kute, if you want to include the private Selong Belanak beach. If you’re lucky, you can buy fresh seafood from the local marine community. Most people who live near Selong Belanak are a fisherman, so sometimes they will return from the ocean with fresh seafood.

3. Tanjung Aan beach

3Tanjung Aan is a beautiful isolated bay in the south of Lombok. It is located near the Kuta village that has many places to stay. So you have to stay there if you want to visit Tanjung Aan. You can visit this beach at any time. It is a beautiful beach with a good view. Tanjung Aan Beach is surrounded by many hills. In the middle of the beach there is also one small hill that you can climb. Whether just enjoy the atmosphere or take your picture there, you have to visit this amazing place. This beach is located about 75 kilometers from the city of Mataram, or about 3 kilometers from Kuta Beach Lombok. If you use a private car from Mataram, you will need to drive about 1.5 hours.

4. Cemara Beach


Cemara beach be the most beloved beaches in Lombok. This beach is not only has the white sand, but it also has the water which is good for swimming. The beach is also quiet because of the location itself is still very far from the main city. But, if you are truly beach lovers and adventurer, a journey to discover this place is tvery challenging. The key is this beach is located in the eastern part of Lombok. You can visit Cemara Beach by motorcycle or car.

5. Mawun Beach

5Mawun beach is the best place for those who want to relax. Driving your car, and have a good day here. Mawun beach is also an ideal place for swimming because the waves are not too big. This beach is quite far from the main city in Mataram approximately about 60 km. With a private car or motorcycle, it can be up to about 1.5 hours.  That’s our article about 5 Best Beaches in Lombok.

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