Important Things to Know before Hiking Mount Semeru

Things to Know before Hiking Mount Semeru – Mount Semeru is one of active volcanoes which can be found in Indonesia. It is located in East Java and one of the largest active volcanos in Indonesia. The volcano is located about 3676 meters above sea level. Mountain semeru is legendary for both its scenic and very challenging terrain. Many people want to visit this mountain. The scenery around Mount Semeru is very beautiful, but the challenge to get to the top presses some divine spirit. Hikers can enjoy the heavenly scene even without climbing to the top of the mountain, as the area surrounding Mount Semeru offers Ranu Kumbolo Lake that is famous for its turquoise blue waters and green hills. Only 15 minutes walk from the lake you will see scenic view of Oro Oro Ombo. A two-hour walk from the meadow, the hikers can see the field of Jambangan that is covered with amazing flower.


But for those who choose to climb, there is important Things to Know before Hiking Mount Semeru. Preparation is very important for those of you who want to climb Mount Semeru.  The first thing you need to consider is the preparation and the tools you need to bring. Tools and gear that you need to do can vary depending on your experience in hiking the mountain. You also need to consider the logistics also. To prepare the tools and gear that you need to take when climbing, there is a list that you can use as a guide.

The next thing that you need to get on when you want to climb Mount semeru is the details and information on the status of this mountain. Sometimes, the mountain will be closed to visitors because of bad weather or other natural conditions. It is very important for you to get information about the road. There are also some rules that you may need to follow if you want to climb the mountain that is to ensure the safety of yourself. Moreover, when you climb the mountain, you must avoid toxic gases from volcano. You must access to the summit before noon as a change in the direction of wind blowing toxic gases into the route of climbing. Once you’ve got the details and information on Mount semeru, Things to Know before Hiking Mount Semeru is to create a travel management. Making plan of the route and schedule of your activities is a very important key in climbing. Doing trip with a good management will make you feel more comfortable when climbing this mountain

You can also save more time as well as if you have a good planning on the road. Prepare your ticket is also an important aspect that you should consider before you start your trip to the mountain. If you are coming from outside of East Java, such as Jakarta or Bandung, you may need to buy a bus ticket or train ticket. Some people outside Java even need to buy a plane ticket. Do not forget to pay attention to your physical condition before and during climb Mount Semeru so that you can prevent health problems. That’s all about Things to Know before Hiking Mount Semeru.

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