You Should Know about Mount Rinjani National Park

Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok is the second highest volcano in Indonesia country that is one of the most popular trips in Indonesia. This is because it provides high adventure which promises stunning views at the summit. It is also partly due to the good location in Lombok, which is a favorite of many independent travelers. Standing in the 3726 m, Mount Rinjani is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, like Mount Bromo in Java Island. It is the caldera of 50 square kilometers, which holds the Crater Lake called Segara Anak, which contains natural hot springs. Mount Rinjani has been proposed by the government to UNESCO to be one of the first official geological parks in the world if it is approved.


Mount Rinjani is located in the national park in Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia. National Park is 41,000 hectares of the surrounding mountains and forests that represent the ecosystem Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani National Park is amazing mount with combination of the best characteristics of beauty and danger, which is an active volcano that can be quite foreboding and long but very beautiful. You will need two-day trek to conquer the mountain to make it all worthwhile when you receive sight at the top.

Weather on Mount Rinjani National Park is like the rest of Indonesia, is divided into two seasons of dry and wet seasons. Best time to go in Mount Rinjani is May to November during the dry season where there is little rain. This is also the safest time to do trips. The right time to avoid trekking to Mount Rinjani is from January to March, when usually the park is closed due to heavy rains. At other times, it is possible to trip Mount Rinjani because of the tropical climate, but do not try to climb Mount Rinjani during rain because the road can be dangerous. Always check the local weather before attempting to climb. Also try to avoid weekends if you do not want the crowds.

In Mount Rinjani National Park you will see Lake of Segara Anak, a large crater lake with the new cone, which was formed in it, which is called the Gunung Baru. During the rice planting season, the people here have a ceremony on Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake where the synthetic fish small made of very thin gold will be released in the lake.

When you trip to Mount Rinjani, you can also explore the cave milk (Gua Susu), one of the famous caves in Rinjani. Two other caves that you can explore are gua manik and gua payung. Enjoy the natural hot springs in the AEK Kalak on the edge of the pit. You can also explore the local villages in Senaru where there is a beautiful waterfall in the surrounding area or in Sembalun Lawang where you can find weaving village.

However, when you want to visit Mount Rinjani, always check the report of seismic activity or local media. This is active volcano so you need extra precautions for your safety. Always bring jacket and gloves as it can get cold in there. Also do not forget the sunblock because you can get sunburn easier as you go. That’s all about Mount Rinjani National Park

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