Everything You Need to Know about Kuta Beach

Kuta is situated in the south of Bali. It was quiet fishing village a half century ago, however it has evolved slowly since the 1960s after a long sandy beach has been discovered by tourists from Asia and surfers rove from Australia. Kuta beach is tourist Mecca of Bali that is famous between foreign. Kuta Beach is the most favorite beaches for many tourists. The five kilometer sandy with long stretch in Kuta Beach is probably the best front beach in Bali. Just a very short drive from the airport, motorcycle taxis and meter taxis can be easily found across the region for taking you in anywhere you want in Kuta. Kuta beach is safe beaches, clean and well maintain, although vendors sometimes fulfill the beach side carelessly.


The first thing You Need to Know about Kuta Beach is its sunset that is wonderful. Kuta beach is very popular for its amazing sunsets, waves, and attract foreigners who spend the time to swim, surfing and sunbathing. Hundreds people always come to Kuta beach in every afternoon to watch amazing sunset and enjoy delicious taste of fresh seafood in one of many restaurants in the seashore. In December, in particular, the sunsets are amazing, so do not forget to take your cameras and select where to get the best pictures of the sunset. This place is also great destination that is well-known among lovers of surf. It has a long sandy beach with no rocks and dangerous waves, so it is ideal for beginners.

The next thing You Need to Know about Kuta Beach is nightlife in Kuta. The scene of nightlife in Kuta usually starts from 23:00 until midnight with pubs and bars that provide different types of entertainment. Some bars and clubs featuring sexy dancers, great bands, DJs and fashion show. Price wise, compared to other places of nightlife such as in Seminyak, getting party in Kuta is the cheapest way.

Most of the activities that you find in Kuta are always about the Beach. The options are endless; you can try surfing, swimming, sunbathing, or kite flying. If you only wish to get relax and fun you could fly a kite or hiring a team of masseurs when you sunbathe. You would see massage ladies soon from their shouts of ‘hello? Yes massage? If you aren’t approached by team of masseurs that offer pedicures, manicures and massages together in once, you can step on the beach and you’ll see them easily sits along the beach that wait for new customer.

To have a wonderful day in Kuta Beach, it’s not perfect if you don’t get the best hotel to stay. However, there are many hotels there which could be great hotel for you. You can find many unique modern hotels with touches of Balinese design to accommodate any desired occasion. Most of hotels are located in the very strategic area in the way of the sunset in the vibrant areas. That’s all about You Need to Know about Kuta Beach.

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