The Best Beach in Bali You Should Visit

The Best Beach in Bali – Many people who visit bali Island because bali is fabulous place with beautiful beaches.  From dramatic coastal scenery to a large sweep of golden sand and beautiful white bays, the beaches in Bali have many visitors to its shores. Beaches here tick all the boxes, whether you’re after waves of world-class to surf, clear crystal water for diving, or simply to dig your toes in the soft sand and lazy evenings watching the sunset over the ocean. Here are 6 of The Best Beach in Bali that is beautiful.

1. Crystal Bay

Angle of white sandy beaches perfect card mailing, clear water and incredible, Crystal Bay is a popular dive with site operator from Lembongan. Most visitors come in the morning, so if you are here in the afternoon, you may have the water to yourself – there is a good diving here too and the temple on an island off the coast. However, the current in the crystal bay could be fierce in certain pairs of countries.

2. Kuta Beach

The reason why people come to the Kuta beach because it is still a nice curve of pale sand that stretches for 8 km from Tuban to Kanju. It is also The Best Beach in Bali because of its sunset. In the best of red blood in April, but the scheme at any time of the year items and the wine made from them, whether you choose pink cocktail in the hip bar or just a cold Bintang in plastic chairs.

3. Yeh Gangga Beach

The west coast of Tabanan and extends nearly touching the famous black sand exotic rock formations abroad make it to be the most interesting section in Yeh Ganges, which seems to be a bit of a luxury hideaway in recent years. But, the current is too dangerous for swimming, but it has a dramatic scene, interspersed with large boulders, and the beach stretches for miles in both directions.

4. Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang is beautiful beaches in the high hills that are safe for swimming. Notwithstanding, this beach is used as a location in the film Eat and Pray. The reasons every restaurant and guest house is the eponymous of surf indefinite because of the most attractive wave in Indonesia.

5. White sand

Nine kilometers north-east of Candi Dasa, it is famous for its white sand. Lack of direct access, through a steep and rugged, is part of the attraction: Bay Black and white sand feels wild and remote areas, and the support of the palm of the hand and the rest of the forest, and protected by rocky capes. Aquamarine waters are ideal for swimming and diving.

6. Jimbaran Beach

This is long beach in Bali Island. This beach has fish market and restaurant of seafood that is popular. The restaurant provides fresh seafood for visitors.  If the tables in restaurant are organized on the sand, you will enjoy the beautiful views and the taste of seafood. If you want to visit Bali Island don’t forget to visit those beaches. That’s all about The Best Beach in Bali.

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