Best Things to Do in Tana Toraja

Many local tourists said that Tana Toraja is one of the places to visit in Indonesia. You need to get the bus from Makassar at night about 9:00 pm to reach the Toraja in the next morning 07.00 am and before exploring Tana Toraja. Then, you have to get a ticket of bus to return to the departure of Makassar Tana Toraja at 09:00. Therefore, after taking into account, you have about 15 hours to see the unique things in Tana Toraja.

tana-toraja-04-stone-graveIf you are visiting Tana Toraja, you have to visit Batutumonga. From the Batutumonga Tana Toraja, you will get a beautiful stroll that takes you to the beautiful West Lokomata. It is a village with caves dug in the cemetery in the rocky outcrops and also incredible views. You can stand back and take the little trail down the slope characteristic of Pana, with the old-fashioned outstanding graves and some baby graves near the tree. You can see small villages with tongkonan towering, women pounding rice and men rubbing buffalo and children splashing in the pool. The road will end in Tikala and, from there you can back to the regular minibus Rantepao. Instead, you can take the decline from Lempo to Deri (a grave stone site), you can walk on the road and catch a minibus Rantepao-Sa’dan to Rantepao. This is very nice downhill runs (5 hours on a paved road) through some of the best views in Tana Toraja.

Moreover visiting Palawa to Parinding is one of the Things to Do in Tana Toraja. It is the traditional village in east of Batutumonga which is equally interesting but less popular than Ke’te Kesu. It also has house of tongkonan and the rice barns. There is a possibility to stay here last night in a traditional home, but it can only be held with a guide as the part of your track. You can pass the river and walk through the rice fields to the Pangli and then go to the Bori. Bori Tana Toraja is ceremonial ground or impressive rante and also a few megaliths towering. Parinding has rice brans and also tongkonan houses in about 1 km south of Bori. From this place you can walk to Rantepao or Tikala.

You can also visit Lemo, it is the most famous burial place in Tana Toraja. It is located 10 km of the south of Rantepao. The terrace has dozens characters with black pupils and white eyesand. It’s a best idea to go before 9 am to obtain the best image. Rantepao-Makale in the mini-bus will drop you at the juncture to the burial site. Based on the local legend, this cemetery was for the descendants of the President of the Toraja. You can also find Funeral; it is very interesting culture about how they do for the death in Toraja. How they can keep the body of death people for some months, hence that they can have a decent funeral service for the people. You will also know about how the slaughters of 24 buffalo in the funeral. With the help of a local guide, you can attend a funeral in the village of Bori. That’s our article about Things to Do in Tana Toraja.

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