The Paradise Island of Gili Nanggu Lombok

Gili Nanggu Lombok – If you are looking for a quiet place to calm and take time off from hard sometimes. It is a place where we can enjoy the beauty of nature while taking a break from the daily work. When most people hear the name of “GILI”, they might think about three famous places in Gili; those are Meno, Gili Islands Trawangan, and the atmosphere in the north-west of Lombok. But you have to know that there are many other small islands across the. Some of them are even quite lonely. Gili Nanggu is located on the peninsula southwest of Lombok (Sekotong) that can be accessed by boat from two different places: those are Lembar (where the public ferry from Bali arrival) as well as the West West Sekotong (Sekotong Barat). The boat which is drived from west of Sekotong will take about 15-20 minutes, while from the Lembar you have to pay about 40. Most likely, the price of boat charter (4-6 people maximum) to be very diverse, you have to pay about $ 230,000 of the West Sekotong (back and forth). It is a very good price.

Preferably, you should hire a driver or take a taxi from Senggigi because they can take you directly to the boat without having to search for it. The journey from Senggigi to Lembar will take about an hour, while to Western Sekotong will take about 1 ½.  This place is best for those who are interested in the field of marine sports, scuba diving, sunbathing on the beach, or relax in the beauty of nature. Tranquility and the beauty of this island make Gili Nanggu Lombok like a routine visit many foreign tourists. They call Gili Nanggu as “Paradise Island”. With the white sandy beach and calm waves, you will be guaranteed privacy with no traders’ beach or unwanted visitors. Gili Nanggu Lombok is the private island which is only inhabited by the management and staff at the resort. This best ocean to pick up strong breaths cast on many visitors. The nice thing is that it is a magnet to come and play on the beach all day. Only by going a few meters in the shallow sea floor, you will get the clear water and reveal a multi-colored sea fish benign. In addition, you can also see and enjoy variety of other marine animals.

Singing bird song will accompany you to embrace the sunrise. The silence of the sunset-will create a romantic atmosphere. It makes Gili Nanggu Lombok the perfect place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. There is not much actually happens on Gili Nanggu or more precisely nothing. But you will get a dream beach with clear water, where you can completely snorkel, scuba diving, or just be a shower. The beach is quiet and the beach vendors to bother you because this is a private island. It is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling or relaxing day trips. If you want to take time out and enjoy a few days relaxing in the quiet atmosphere of the South Sea, Gili Nanggu Lombok is the place for you.

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