The Unique Patrol of Dit Polair West Nusa Tenggara

Dit Polair Senggigi

Lombok News – To take care of the safety of visitors vacationing in the tourist area of Senggigi Lombok, Dit Polair active patrol West Nusa Tenggara try the patrol uniquely. They choose surfboard and windsurf to patrol the shore around Senggigi area. From the observation at Senggigi Beach recently, several people in the Directorate of Polair NTB sport a blue striped shirt and jacket safety, seems like patrolled by utilizing the surfboard. As surfers generally, their action on the waves pulled over towards Senggigi Beach.

Even while on the beach, the members of this police attempted the visitors and provide direction, so beware while on the beach, considering the sea waves were quite high and dangerous. We purposely do attraction surfing in front of the tourists to the beach. In addition to be able to patrols to take care of security of visitors, or perhaps to provide entertainment concurrently catch the attention of be careful because the waves are big and extremely dangerous, “said Chief Patrol Unit of the Regional Directorate of Polair NTB, AKBP Dewa Wijaya SH, MH.

Dewa explains, patrol breakthrough by utilizing the surfboard or surf because the waves often occur resulting from accidents in the territorial waters of Senggigi Beach and its particular natural environment.

The act of members with surfboards amazes visitors. To the beach Kerandangan as an example, dozens of visitors who during those times was playing the waves perpetuate the action of the water police members using mobile phones.
“Cool, usually controlling vehicles and give traffic ticket, is even surfing while on patrol,” said Lina, visitors from North Lombok while recording Polair attractions. Not only local visitors which is fairly rare Polair attractions also amaze some foreign travelers, who enjoy the wonderful thing about the beach. Jane, tourists from Sweden claimed amazed at Polair surfing action. “This will be the first time I saw police in Lombok surfing. Usually I only see teenagers who surf. Very good, “said the 25-year-old woman.

Dewa Wijaya added, structures on the beach along the coast of North West Lombok and there are a lot of rocky ocean trenches. “In the southwest wind like today, the waves seem not too big, but the current is very strong that the use of a tool to save people the most effective is the use of surfboards,” said god who is also a pilot aviator