Lombok Speed Boat

Lombok Speed Boat

The Gili islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia, for their unspoilt natural beauty, white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife. Gili is in fact known as the turtle capital of the world. When planning your holiday, keep in mind that a personalized speedboat service from Lombok to Gili is one of those easiest and best ways to get there, as it lets you avoid the crowds and hassles you would encounter if using public transportation. There are several options available, depending on your itinerary.

Lombok island off the coast of Bali is itself a major tourist destination, but many travelers choose to go on to the Gili islands, little gems set in the tropical sea. Their major attraction is the unspoilt natural beauty. Motorized vehicles are still not allowed on all three islands, and visitors can relax in lush tropical surroundings amid the flora and fauna of the sea world. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing and exploring the world of the coral reefs are favorite tourist pastimes. The Gili archipelago is home to many endangered species of sea life. There is also a wide selection of restaurants that offer diverse cuisines.

The Gili islands are the main destination for tourists in Lombok. Lombok Speed Boat offers daily transfers from Lombok to all three Gili islands – Gili Trawangan, Gilli Meno and Gili Air. The service departs from Telluk Kodak in Lombok every two hours. The trip from Telluk Kodak to the Gili islands by speedboat takes only fifteen minutes.

For those arriving in Lombok by air, please allow two hours travel overland from the airport to the piers from where the speedboat to Gili leaves. Total travel time from Lombok airport to the Gili islands is two and a half hours. Along the way, you can admire the tropical scenery and beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

For travelers who are already in Lombok, you can specify the name and address of your hotel when you make your online reservation for the speedboat service, and you will be picked up at the hotel itself. Reservations for the speedboat service from Lombok to the Gili islands are easily made online. We offer online booking. Once payment has been made online, you will have instant online confirmation of your E-ticket. For your convenience, to help you plan your trip, boat schedules also available online. The speedboat service from Lombok to the Gili islands is not only the quickest and most convenient way to get there, it is also very affordable.

There are are other ways to get from Lombok to the Gili islands – slow boat, ferry, and by air. But the personalized speedboat service offers convenience, safety and speed and allows you to bypass the crowds and persistent vendors you would encounter when using public transportation. The speedboat service from Lombok to the Gili islands picks you up at the airport or at the hotel where you are staying in Lombok, drives you to the pier and the speedboat waiting to take you to your dream vacation.

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