Indonesia Raise a Fuel Rrices

Lombok News – Since the launch of rising prices for subsidized fuel oil (BBM) on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Indonesia is currently facing inflansi increasingly felt by the increases price of BBM previously for Rp.6500.00 to Rp 9500.00. An increase of 46.1 percent which is equivalent to Rp.3000.00. The same thing applies to the price of subsidized diesel. If the initial is Rp 5000.00 the new price is Rp 8,500, o0.

The increase in fuel prices is causing various pros and cons of all Indonesian people, because the impact was felt by all segments of society ranging from rich, medium to poor. How not, after the price hike then automatically the primary needs are also soaring, among which are the price / wage for the public transport, which usually offer fare at affordable prices, people now have to pay higher prices, which ultimately also have an impact on the price of basic necessities .

The increase in fuel prices also trigger a price increase in tourism in Indonesia, one of which impact on costs (transport rate) and the price of admission attractions. However, according to the Indonesian tourism minister, Arief Yahya “the increases of fuel price that occurred in Indonesia will not have a major impact when compared with the price offered in other tourist destinations”. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya optimistic the effect is not large,” For the price of tourism, Indonesia is among the most expensive, “he said on tuesday 11/18/2014 (, The cost of transportation for tourist destinations are also expected to rise. However Arief believe the increase is not large because of the price fuel oil for gasoline and diesel only in increase of Rp.3000,00.

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