The Overflow of Visitors During The End of The Years

Lombok Airport Visitor

Lombok News – In the end of the year, there are many people planning vacations to take a break from the daily work done. There are choosing a holiday in the country, overseas, or are still in the region nearest the house, and even just at home.

Based on who has conducted a survey and get interesting information related to tourist destinations of Indonesia’s most in demand for year-end holidays. The survey was conducted via an online website, facebook, and email last November.

The significant trend changes occur in enjoying the year-end holidays. If in 2013 the people prefer to enjoy the year-end holidays at home. However, in 2014 the public attention turns out, spending year-end holiday by travel increased 28 percent. It continues to increase, enjoy the year-end holidays in 2015 using tourist travel up to 41 percent. There are five tourist destinations is the most people widely chosen to the end of the year including holidays in Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta. Bali is the first ranked as holiday destination of the year, and then Lombok is the new place to be excellent destination. (Source:

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