East Lombok Snorkeling Trip

East Lombok Snorkeling Trip

East Lombok Tour Itinerary

Lombok has many small islands that called Gili. There is 3 famous Gili Island in the North of Lombok but today we will bring you to explore the beauty of 3 Gilis in east Lombok.  We will snorkel at Gili Petagan, Gili Bidara and Gili Kondo. We will start the program about 07.00am if stay around Senggigi area. We will drive to east Lombok about 2.5 hours and stop at Sambelia. We will charter local boat from Pondok Gili Lampu. We will spend about 25 minutes from Pondok Gili Lampu to Gili Petangan (Gili Petagan named also Gili Lampu). After 25 minutes on the boat we will find Gili Petagan but we are not stop at Gili Petangan but direct to the snorkeling spot. You will find colorful corals and fishes.

After enjoy the wonderful views under the water of Gili Petagan, we continue the program to Gili Bidara. The other name of Gili Bidara is Gili Pasaran, located between Gili  Petagan and Gili Kondo. We can find more fish at Gili Bidara then Gili Petagan but the corals, Gili Petagan is better.

Our final destination is to Gili Kondo, we can also called Gili Kondo with Gili Bagik, actually Gili Kondo located behind of Gili Bagik. We will take lunch here, at Perama restaurant that managed this island. We can spend more time here, snorkeling, sunbathing, relaxing and fishing. We will sailing back to Pondok Gili Lampu about 14.30pm and transfer back to the hotel and the program finished about 17.00pm.

Gili Petagan East LombokGili Bidara East LombokGili Kondo East Lombok


East Lombok Snorkeling Trip
East Lombok Snorkeling TripEast Lombok Snorkeling Trip









  • Private car with Air Conditioner
  • English or German speaking driver as your guide
  • Private Boat Return
  • Cool Drinks
  • Entrance Fee
  • Lunch on Board


  • Personal expense
  • Tips
  • Extra cost for optional activity

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