Bali Sightseeing

Bali is a beautiful island formed of mountains, valleys, lakes and a coastline with wonderful white sandy beaches. You can visit a great many fascinating places on Bali tours that provide great opportunities for some amazing adventures. The three smaller islands off Bali can also be visited on a sightseeing tour.

A Bali day tour can take you to the mountains and other scenic areas where you can visit a traditional village and go sightseeing. There are many choices for a Bali day tour, which can take you to some of the many exciting tourist destinations or places of interest. You can experience the local culture, visit ancient temples, explore historic palaces, relax by a beautiful waterfall, enjoy peaceful gardens or watch dolphins from a boat.

With a Bali tour package you have the chance to combine different adventure activities and tourist destinations in a single day. You can pick a double or triple activity package or go on a round trip package and spend time in different parts of Bali, visiting a variety of places and enjoying various adventure activities. There are plenty of adventures activities to be enjoyed on a Bali tour package. These include water sports, rafting, cycling, fishing and trekking. Special interest Bali tours can involve going on a safari, having an elephant ride, horse riding, ATV bike riding and travel by jeep, cruise boat or submarine.

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