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Denpasar market 

The first point is visiting Denpasar market, Denpasar is the capital of Bali Province. The main street of Denpasar is Gajah Mada Street where the main shopping center, there are 2 big markets, Pasar Badung and Pasar Kumbasari. Both of the market has 4 story and open 24 hours in the day time the market open in main building, in the base and second floor for vegetables, fruits, meat and daily food seller, third and fourth floor for textile and temple procession equipment. Late evening till early morning the market open in the parking area. In the main street there are a lot of big textiles shops.

Kumbasari Market in Bali
Kumbasari Market in Bali
Museum Galerry in Renon
Museum Galerry in Renon









Museum Bali

Second stop at Museum Bali, this museum originally built in 1910 by Dutch Government. In 20 January 1917 this museum was destroyed by the biggest earthquake in Bali. In 1932 the museum again till today, there are 4 main building in south pavilion has 2 story has collection of prehistoric pieces, traditional artifacts and some old painting. Further north Buleleng building has variety collection of textiles including endek and double ikat gringsing. Other building Karangasem has Balinese calendar and priest’ clothing. The Northern building is Tabanan has many Barong mask and Keris.

Nusa Dua Beach
Nusa Dua Beach
Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple









Kuta Beach

Third stop at Kuta Beach, Kuta is one district of Badung Regency has Tuban Village, Kuta Village, Legian Village and Seminyak Village, Tuban village where the airport located and some nice hotel. The central Kuta is very busy area with the shopping mall and new brand shops. The beach has very good reef especially for beginner surfer and many surfing board to rent a long the beach. The main reason the tourist come to Kuta because has many choice for hotel from 5 star hotels to home stay and offer variety of the restaurant with different food taste.


Nusa Dua Beach

Fourth stop at Nusa Dua Beach, Nusa in Balinese mean island, Dua mean two, and there are two small islands in this area. This is another Tourist Resort with wide range white sand beach in the southern part of Bali and offered 5 star chains hotel with international marketing connecting including Club Med, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, The Westin, The Laguna Resort, Grand Hyatt Bali, Melia Bali, Putri Bali Hotel and the Ayodya Resort. The resort area also provide golf course and many kind of water sport, in south part of Nusa Dua there is Geger Beach, new beach for surfing.


Uluwatu Temple

Fifth stop at Uluwatu Temple, Ulu in Balinese mean heart, Watu mean stone. This temple was built in 11th century by Javanese priest Empu Kuturan or well known with Empu Raja Kerta. The temple located in south western tip of peninsula, up to the blue sea cliff approximately 100 meters high, the best place to view of the sunset. In 16 century another Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha visit this temple and add more building, he retreated to this temple for his final life, when he attained Moksa or freedom. The temple has very aggressive monkey colony.


Jimbaran Bay

Sixth stop at Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran located in south of airport, the beach has white sand and famous as the fishing Village with fish market. Now there are luxury hotel built, Bali Intercontinental Resort and Four Season Resort. Jimbaran bay well known with beachside Sea food Restaurant while enjoying the sunset and scenery with cold drink and a fresh grill fish with live group music by local singer offered international song and the sing title could be request. The sea food cost by weight.


  • Private Car with AC and also Petrol

  • Guide (They speak English, Germany, France)

  • Cool Drink

  • Entrance Fee


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