Mount Semeru Trekking 5D/4N

Mount Semeru Trekking 5D/4N was the suitable program to enjoy the real adventure in java island, we will bring you to the summit of Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain on Java island, on the way to the summit, your eyes will be spoiled by a lot of beautifull views.

Mount Bromo Trekking 2D/1N

Through this program, You will get an opportunity to see the rice terraced and sugar cane fields on Surabaya and then do Mount Bromo to see the beautiful view of the sunrise.

Mount Agung Trekking

Through this program we will bring you to the summit of Mt. Agung on Bali island which is the highest point on the island, it’s rarly opportunity to see Bali island in the highest point and also the amazing sunrise.

Mount Rinjani

Mt. Rinjani forms the second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia (3726 m), one of tourist destination in Lombok and also part of celebrated” Ring of Fire”. There is a huge crater containing a large green crescent-shaped lake, segara anak, which is about six km across at its widest point. There is series of natural hot springs on on the north-eastern side of the caldera.