Lombok Biking Trip (5 Hours)

Lombok Biking Trip
To see the beauty of Lombok Island through biking trip is the simple way with the cheap price. You can enter to the secret site from Lombok in deep village directly. You can see closely how the Lombok people do their daily activities. You will find natural scenery with fresh air through this program. Various types of tropical plants also can be met along the way biking. Biking trip is divided in two times, morning and afternoon. You will find all the fresh condition if you take the program in the morning. Afternoon program is done to watch the beautiful sunset from Senggigi area.

Senggigi-Mangsit-Malimbu-Baun Pusuk-Gunung Sari-Batubolong Temple

This program starts from Senggigi Area at 12.00 in the afternoon. We bike to the north (Mangsit-Malimbu), here we will see the paradise beach from north Lombok. Stop on Malimbu to enjoy the beautiful view of three Gilis. We bike continue to Monkey Forrest (Baun Pusuk). You will find friendly monkeys and can give something direct to their hand. The next biking is to Gunung Sari (Bamboo Village) then we bike back to Senggigi but stop first to Batu Bolong Temple to see the sunset.










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